About Us

We specialize in the Eco-Hospitality sector, with an extensive portfolio that also encompasses projects in the Hospitality, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, and Institutional sectors as well as Master Planning. RBL comprises a team of skilled professionals with the collective expertise to handle projects of any type and scale, spanning the lifespan of a project from collaborating with our clients in the initial conceptual stages, through the drawing, documentation and project management phases of the project culminating in the final completion of the project.

Our design philosophy is predicated upon 2 key aspects...

We are conscience of a world which is rapidly changing, and the need for a more sustainable way of creating our built environment is critical. New technologies are being created every day with this in mind, however the art is to integrate the technology into our schemes without compromising on design.

We design with local in mind. Understanding the context and the environment is critical to our design process. It informs how we react to design problems and it grounds the project within its region. Through the eco-lodge/hotel projects we have worked on, we have realized that understanding the local is incredibly important. Guests are after unique experiences when they travel, and our primary goal is to create architecture which is unique to the area to allow for an authentic experience.

Ultimately; the two need to be aligned to have a successful, meaningful destination to experience. Achieving this balance is our goal.